The Bermuda Fashion Festival

Over the years Bermuda has been recognized as an island paradise; a jewel in the middle of the Atlantic that carries an aura of interest, created by the intrigue of the Bermuda Triangle. But going slightly untouched among the pink sands, the fashion scene and style of our unique archipelago has been evolving. From the traditional little black dress to Bermuda Shorts; formal gowns to bikinis, Bermudians and Bermuda exudes a sense of style, class and uniqueness that is second to none.

A population that is a mixing pot of ethnicities, cultures and vibrant island panache is eager to have you witness the colourful ambiance of our outdoor events, the warm welcoming Bermudian personalities, the mixed heritage look of our models, the island inspired local designs and high fashion runway professionalism, combined with the street wear sass that is Bermuda!

Enjoy our website, follow us on social media and come join us for the 10 Year Anniversary of the Bermuda Fashion Festival! Create memorable moments during an unforgettable week of fashionable fun, first-class style and entertaining runway presentations and social events.


ABOUT The City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton is the local government responsible for administering all aspects of the capital city of Bermuda, Hamilton. The municipal organization is led by the Chief Operating Officer who is supported by the management team and more than 100 staff members who ensure that Hamilton, one of the smallest cities in the world, remains spotless and efficiently run.

The City of Hamilton is the proud title sponsor and host of the Bermuda Fashion Festival.


ABOUT Savvy Entertainment

At Savvy Entertainment, we act as an incubator of high-quality media and entertainment platforms, which enable interaction between the fans and the talent. We are a global entertainment solution company whose core capacity is to offer a diverse range of services to meet the cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of our clients worldwide.

We are very proud to be the Producers of the Bermuda Fashion Festival 10-year anniversary event in 2019 and look forward to expanding on a successful, creative festival initiative for Bermuda.