13 Bermudian models shortlisted for Top Model Worldwide 2012

Thirteen local beauties who rocked the runway during the ‘Evolution’ fashion show have been shortlisted as possible picks for Top Model Worldwide 2012. International model scout and Top Model Worldwide operations director Geoff Cox announced on Saturday he would be selecting two girls to take part in the international modelling competition.

After a five-hour-long fashion extravaganza, presented by the City of Hamilton, he told the remainder of onlookers: “One of the things we agreed [when we came to the Island] we would hopefully find the next girl to represent Bermuda in the Top Model Worldwide for next year 2012, and follow in the steps of the gorgeous Deandra Brangman who was also faultless tonight.

“As I discussed with Madam Premier (Paula Cox) earlier, we decided the standard of the girls over this week has been so high we are actually going to offer two places to two girls to represent Bermuda in Top Model Worldwide 2012.”

Mr Cox said he decided to give two beauties the opportunity as the competition was “not just about the country they represent, but having the best girls to represent the show”.

He announced the shortlisted models would be: Janae Niklaus, Sophie Fraser-Smith, Katherine Arnfield, Julia Lines, Kalena Astwood, Joann Nichols, Danielle Smith, Sara Fitzsimmons, Carolita Joseph, Khianda Pearman-Watson, Jenique Dubois, Melissa Spurling and Sierra Reid.

“We have based this not only on looks, but potential, attitude and work ethic. We have been watching them and studying them and are extremely pleased,” he added.

Mr Cox said it would be a life changing opportunity for the two girls chosen, but praised all the models on their performance. “These decisions are not about you, it’s about us and the industry and how we are going to go forward,” Mr Cox said.

Nearly 200 models graced the catwalk outside City Hall after undergoing intensive training from fashion choreographer and runway coach extraordinaire Dean Parris.

He said “something of this magnitude took a lot of work and effort, but it shows Bermuda is a very talented Island”.

“We have a lot of beautiful and talented people, but nothing of this magnitude could have been done without our sponsors [Fairmont Hamilton Princess and Evian],” Mr Parris added.

Both he and Danilee Trott, the event project manager for the City of Hamilton, were praised for their hard work.

“I have worked all over the world and you guys are setting new standards. Well done,” Mr Cox said.

From: Royalgazette.com