Tiffany Reid has all the season’s hottest designer clothes, bags and swimsuits at her disposal.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s done it all in her fashion career.

“People think once you become an editor you’ve made it. It is definitely a step forward in your career but it doesn’t end there,” said the American fashion market editor for Allure Magazine.

“You still have to put in the hard work and the hours. A major part of it is branding yourself, it is important to be known for something and to carve your piece in the world.”

She still has goals she’d like to meet professionally. As a result she tries to push herself on a regular basis.

“Right now I am focusing on digital and having more of an online presence,” she said.

Ms Reid is one of six fashion experts coming from overseas for Bermuda Fashion Festival’s Local Designer Show in July.

She said she was honoured to have been invited by Bermudian Shiona Turini — and happy to get to mentor aspiring local designer Brittany Wolffe.

“My immediate response was ‘Yes, of course’, because it was my chance to give back,” Ms Reid said.

“People underestimate the power of having a strong mentor in their industry, especially in the fashion industry. It is so important to nourish the young creative mind.

“Plus, I’ve never been [to the Island] so I am very excited to see it. I’m surprised this is my first time because other than fashion I love to travel. I’m probably most excited about the beaches and the beautiful blue water!”

So far she’s been impressed by Miss Wolffe’s work ethic and the great ideas she brings to the table.

“There haven’t been any challenges so far, but of course it would be great if we were in the same city,” she said.

“Still that’s something we easily move past with Skype, e-mail and WhatsApp etc. The biggest reward so far has been watching her vision come to life.”

Ms Reid, a native New Yorker, said fashion has always been part of her life.

Both her mother and her grandmother were always the most stylish ladies in their inner circles.

“As a young child it came natural, self-expression was easy,” she said.

“Then when I hit high school being the diehard New Yorker that I am, I became obsessed with name brands and logos — Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Jordans etc. I was chasing the trends and that’s how I lost my style a bit.

“Then late college/early adulthood I took control again, and it came naturally to me. This is when I really developed my personal style.”

She considers her style to be quite fluid and finds inspiration from new sources everyday.

“My fashion sense really depends on my mood,” she said. “I put my own swag on things that gives it a personal touch so I can own my look.”

Ms Reid encourages anyone looking to break into the fashion industry to know their stuff.

“Do your research,” she said. “It is important to know the history and what came before you. That is something I am constantly educating myself on.

“Also, be innovative, continue to create new pieces, but make sure it stays true to your brand identity. Trends are relevant, but self-identity reigns over all.”


Article written by The Royal Gazette