Perennial i*a favourite Meagan Wellman showed a thoughtful and well-executed collection at the Local Designer Show on Wednesday evening.  Drawing from her Bermudian roots, the collection was one of two to reference Cup Match, an annual cricket tournament which is held at the end of July between two groups representing different ends of the island.  While this collection has been around for a while, this showing – the first on the island – was timely as Cup Match is only a few weeks away.  
An intelligent, polished collection, this was not the case of two random words being thrown together and clothes sent down a runway.  It is evident that Wellman chooses her themes thoughtfully, carries out her research with care and pays close attention to every detail.  Clever touches such as jeans with the outline of the leg pads used in cricket rendered as a graphic or the colours used, all subtly refer to the chosen subject.  Standout pieces included a dress and jacket made of buttery soft, transparent vinyl, a floor-length shirt dress which skimmed across the body bisecting it in a long sweeping cut and gathered skirts and dresses overlaid with leather.  Even the trickiest item in our opinion – a strapless, white jumpsuit which flared from the knee – had a beautiful fluidity to it.  
The weight, texture and construction of the garments also help to set her clothes apart.  The materials Wellman uses are extremely tactile and the fabrics are carefully chosen and combined.  Because of this, we think it is of the utmost importance that her clothes get picked up by retail locations as soon as possible.  Aiding somewhat in this objective is the fact that Wellman won the top prize at the event, and her line will be shown at New York Fashion Week.  This invaluable experience and exposure will hopefully take M-SEW to the next level.