It feels so good to be home! My sunglasses are glued to my face, I’ve been drinking fresh juice every morning, spending time with my family and taking in as much sun as possible (obviously wearing tonnes of sunscreen). However, it’s not all lounging around on the beach. This summer I’ll be working as a host / backstage dresser / assistant at the Bermuda Fashion Festival and I couldn’t be more excited! 2015 marks the 5th anniversary of the festival which will feature several of Bermuda’s budding local designers and also boasts an impressive lineup of international designers, models, magazine editors and bloggers. The festival will be held from July 6th – 11th. For more information head to the Bermuda Fashion Festival website or follow them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. So – what’s on the agenda this year?

Local designersNovah Swimwear by Madeline White, Grace by Courtney Clay, Designs by AlM-Sew by Maegan Wellman, LoveBomb by Brittany Wollfe and Tabs by Rebecca Hanson who designs amazing Bermuda shorts for both men and women.

International designersAdolfo Sanchez, House of Shavi, Thomas LaVone, Evelyn Lambert and Jacqie Swimwear.

MentorsHannah Bibb (Associate Fashion Editor, Cosmopolitan & Seventeen), James DeMolet (Senior Fashion Editor, Cosmopolitan & Seventeen), Julia Gall (Senior Fashion Editor, Interview Magazine), Matthew Henson (Fashion Editor, Complex Magazine), Danielle Prescod (Fashion Editor, and Tiffany Reid (American Fashion Market Editor, Allure Magazine).

International modelsAminat AyindeBrianna GilchristDarius DioPaola MatheCrystal Gordon and Sydia Valentine.