Last summer I found myself on an airplane in route to Bermuda by myself. After signing a contract that read my duties as an international model for the Bermuda Fashion Festival,  I couldn’t hold my excitement. I had never been on the island, and I was hungry to discover a new place and all of the adventures that awaited me. Just a couple of weeks before the trip, I received a call from a friend who told me he mentioned my name to one of the organizers and that they were interested in inviting me. In a state of surprise and excitement, my bags were packed before I knew it. Being the adventure-seeker who is always looking for new opportunities and colors, I agreed to go despite my hectic work schedule. And I’m so happy I did! I loved it so much that I’ve agreed to return this summer for more fun under the Bermudian sun.

This year, I’ve partnered with Bermuda Fashion Festival to bring you magical style posts, exclusive footage, stories and photos right here on the blog! I’m delighted to show you the beauty of the island, the people, and local fashion through various instagram takeovers. I’m also very eager to feature some of the models and designers based in and around New York who will be joining me on this fun-filled week. I came up with this fun concept to meet with a few of them before the trip for a casual introduction.

My first meeting was with Khalil Henley at a coffee shop in Harlem this morning. I walked up to Double Dutch, cursing the windy and cold weather, while trying to appear calm and friendly looking. No one likes to feel intimidated on a cold Monday morning, right? We noticed each other right away, and the fun quickly followed. We sipped on coffee, munched on pastries, and chatted about Bermuda, traveling, and family.

Khalil’s big move to New York City happened just a few months ago. The 24-year-old freelance model is also a flight attendant. Hearing about all the crazy stories and  requests he’s heard from passengers was hilarious, but not at all surprising. He’s also just as close to his mother as I am with mine. How do I know? My mother wouldn’t stop calling me and his phone occasionally flashed with a text from his own. Speaking with Khalil was a breath of fresh air because he seems centered, full of life and eager to explore the world.


Name: Khalil Henley
Origin: African American
Age: 24
Education: Bachelors in Biological Sciences
Occupation: Model/Flight Attendant
Favorite City: Barcelona
Role models: Yah Yah Bates, Leonardo Taiwo, Ada Green, Corey Bapstiste