Five young women to get the chance of a lifetime at Elite model agency

High fashion scouts for Elite shortlisted five young Bermudian models to present to the London agency as a result of the Evolution Fashion Show.

Hundreds turned out at City Hall for the grand finale culminating Bermuda’s fashion week on Saturday night.

The models selected will get a chance to hit big leagues on the international circuit now that they have been selected.

Elite recruiter Leah Hibbert said she was “absolutely astounded” by the level of talent in a small country like Bermuda.

“The UK obviously has such a high population in comparison to Bermuda and we struggle to find amazing girls.

“We’ve come here and we’ve seen five girls that we’d be happy to take back to London and present to the team to see if we can represent them as models.”

Ailish Kalbea who works alongside Ms Hibbert as head of Elite’s Public Relations echoed her remarks.

“I think everyone involved has worked very hard and this entire week of events was a huge task. The production was great, Bermuda is stunning, and the people here are incredible.

“The staff at Fairmont Hamilton Princess have been very happy to help us out and show us the Bermudian way.

“We’re going to be walking sandwich boards when we get back to London holding the Bermuda flag.”

New York designer Rebecca Minkoff was also impressed by Bermuda’s talented young people.

“The children participating in this show were adorable. Every night was great and the Evolution Fashion Show was incredible to see all the rising talent in Bermuda.”

Mayor Graeme Outerbridge was impressed by the turnout and the smooth run of the series of events.

“It’s been beautiful with young designers being featured, the mentors and the Bermudian designers. It’s been a total success and I’m very pleased with the turnout,” he said.

“As we go forward we’re going to make this city much more livelier.”

Deputy Mayor Donal Smith said he hoped similar events could be staged more than once a year.

“It’s fantastic to see all the people coming together as one, although I would have loved to have seen more adults.

“However, the money is with the children so I suppose that’s where the market is and there’s a lot of family here to support them.

“I’m very pleased with the outcome, I think we need more events like this. We may have to look into doing this twice a year.”

Local vendors also reported a night of brisk business.

Warren Brown of Brown’s Finger Licking said: “We’ve had our regular customers come by and we had quite a few new customers as well, so everything went fine.

“I would like to see more events like this, as a matter fact, we’re doing something next week at Victoria Park which is supposed to be a community day for the Pembroke community and I’m hoping it goes over well.”

A regular vendor at Harbour Nights, Abdul Amjach of Polaris, also known as Carriage House had brisk food sales throughout the night.

“I think they should do more in St George’s, but I definitely think events like these are good for business,” he said.

Sonya Fox of Sensational Delights said: “It’s been excellent, very steady it’s good Bermuda flavour.

“I love events like this because I love to serve and interact with the public. It’s great for small businesses, especially if you have a consistent product. I have a few steady customers and it’s been a good night for business.”

And Debbie Rance of Treats beat the pavement with a portable cart filled with sweets for sale.

“It’s been a great night in a great atmosphere with a mixture of people and it’s been steady.

“We did one function at Fairmont Hamilton Princess as well. We don’t do Harbour Nights because it’s too expensive for us but I think this event was awesome,” she said.

“It has drawn a great cross section of the community and we would love to see more events like this because it brings people out together.”