I’m definitely not fashionable.

In fact I used to run from the idea of it all. Part of me felt like it was superficial to spend so much time, effort and money picking out an outfit or accessories before heading out the doors. After all there are bigger issues – world hunger, police brutality and disease – all around us that warrant more of our concern.

Then just shy of two years ago I presented my boss with an idea that might help attract a younger readership to the newspaper – a fashionista on the street column where we go out and chat with ordinary folks about their style. It was an immediate hit – and people starting recognizing me from my new role.

That’s when this jeans and white tee girl gradually had to up my own style game.

I certainly feel more pressure to look good when I’m out and about, but it’s also been a fun evolution as well – learning what styles I like best and how to create a champagne wardrobe on Kool-Aid budget.

It’s also opened up some opportunities for me on the job.

One was to represent the newspaper at the recent Bermuda Fashion Festival early on in July. I got to meet and interview a couple of recognizable names in the fashion and film industry and definitely had my mind blown by some of the fabulous designs from my island and abroad.

Here were some of the highlights from the week long event:

1. Hanging with the boys.

There weren’t many other Bermudian journalists at the event – so most of the shows I covered included me and a handful of male photographers. It felt like I was crashing their party, but they were good sports and  made me feel really welcome!

2. Meeting Essence Atkins.

I’ve seen her in shows like Smart Guy and movies like Haunted House, but boy was she gorgeous in person! A few weeks before she arrived in Bermuda I got to interview her on the phone and was so impressed by how down to earth she seemed.

She said she tried to show appreciation for everyone on the set – from the writers and directors to film crew. And when she wasn’t in front of the camera she admitted she enjoyed good old fashion quality time – laughing or eating a great meal – with family and friends.

3. Being inspired by some gorgeous runway creations.

When you live on a small island people tend to conform with their style. All the stores sell the same things and people tend to rock similar trends, but the festival was amazing at injecting some new colour palettes, designs and couture creations into Bermuda’s style scene.

I learned about a lot of new designers – my favorite being Evelyn Lambert – a New York based artist who paid homage in each flowy skirt and structured jacket to her homeland in Zimbabwe.


From: Nadiatakesflight.com