The biggest thing Brittany Wolffe has learnt from the Bermuda Fashion Festival is Confidence sells. She is showing the third collection from her LoveBomb line at the City of Hamilton event next week.

The London fashion student, who won a coveted internship at Interview Magazine in New York, spoke to Lifestyle about juggling her work and studies, and overcoming her inhibitions.

How is this experience different from the last Bermuda Fashion Festival?

I’ve found every year to be different as I learn more about myself as a hands-on designer, as well as learning something new from each of my mentors. It can be as simple as knowing how to build a story on the runway with my designs and knowing that every single detail counts. This year has been a challenge as I have been juggling life as a student as well as trying to keep my brand afloat, but I’ve managed and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from your mentor?

I’ve been paired with fashion features director Kenya Hunt of Elle UK. Kenya told me that I need to be confident in the brand I am selling; confident in the way I speak about my brand and how I sell it.

Last year, I was tested when I had to present my collection to a panel — can you say nervous? It’s a huge lesson and something I am still working on. I don’t think she knows this, but she has taught me that to show confidence when speaking about my brand, I need to be confident within myself as a designer.

What new things can we expect from this collection?

With Dreaming of the Tropics you can expect more of myself. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve toned down my style a lot but my love for bold colours and mixing patterns still remains and Dreaming of the Tropics shows that.

What do you do in London?

I’m a student. I’ve just completed my first year [towards a bachelor’s degree in] fashion design at London College of Contemporary Arts.

From where do you draw your inspiration?

This particular collection is inspired by my personal life experience. I was in London literally dreaming of the tropics. Dreaming about the beach, the scenery, the sunsets. I learnt to love living in London but boy, am I an island girl.

What type of woman wears LoveBomb?

She’s sassy and knows how to have fun; always feminine with a bit of edge. #Lovers [ladies who wear LoveBomb] are never afraid to take chances.

• Find out more about Brittany and her label on Instagram: @lovebomb_inc; Twitter: @lovebomb_inc; Facebook: lovebombinc

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