Madeline White impressed beach lovers last year when she debuted Novah, her line of swimwear.

Her minimal designs, paired with a glossy campaign wholly unexpected for a first-time designer, thrust her into Instagram feeds worldwide.

She is now preparing for her second catwalk show after the launch of a special edition turquoise two-piece in support of British children’s hospice, Naomi House.

Q: How did your partnership with British blogger Chloe Helen Miles come about?

A: I first worked with Chloe last year when she showed an interest in Novah and blogged about us for our launch. I met up with her earlier this year and asked if she would be interested in doing a collaboration for charity with us which she was really excited to get involved with.

Why Naomi House?

We chose Naomi House because they are an organisation which have been a huge part in Chloe’s life and have given her and her family a great deal of help and support.

Her brother Dylan was a patient there for most of his — and her — life through until his death. The work they do with families like Chloe’s and terminally ill and life-threatened children is so valuable and so amazing and really does make a difference to people’s lives. Also, they receive hardly any government funding and so rely on donations to run the hospice, which costs over £5 million a year.

What percentage of sales will go to the charity?

£20 per piece goes directly to the charity, which is 100 per cent of the profits from the sales.

This is your second time participating in the Bermuda Fashion Festival. How has this experience differed from your last?

The experience has been a little different as I am a more established designer and brand this year and have more direction in terms of Novah’s style and collection.

I am also working with a new mentor this year, Nicole Chapoteau who is a director at Allure, and she obviously has different ideas and focuses which enables me to learn things from a new perspective.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learnt from her?

The biggest thing I have learnt from Nicole would be about marketing Novah and raising brand awareness in the media.

What new things can we expect from this collection?

On the runway you can expect to see a mix of current and new styles. We will be showcasing both pieces available to buy now and some of our new lines and colourways for spring/summer 2017.

This will be the first preview of our new collection that launches in October. I’m really excited about the new collection. I feel it’s grown a lot from last year and has evolved to become a lot more refined.

How has Novah changed over the past year?

Novah has changed a lot since last year, mostly because I have changed and learnt so much in that time. I’ve got a much clearer aesthetic and style direction, and a much clearer goal for the future. We are also expanding — slowly! — and we now have a stockist on island, Luxury Gifts Bermuda, which is great!

• The collection is available at the local designer trunk show, which is part of Bermuda Fashion Festival, on Saturday July 16 and at Luxury Gifts Bermuda, Regali, Rosewood Tucker’s Point. The ‘Naomi’ bikini is available here:

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