With festival fashion finding itself as the trending topic all around the year, it’s only fair that fashion festivals get their fair share of attention! Fashion Festivals are not your ordinary weeks, with runways, models, wine, and champagne – these festivals are the subaltern of the fashion world. At Fashion Festivals across the globe, it’s not only the big-guns of the industry, but young designers, upcoming labels, boutique designers – all showcasing the talent that a city posseses with vibrant shows, in busy little bazaars, and on models that aren’t restricted to the ramp.

To give them the attention now, here’s a list of the 4 most eclectic and promising Fashion Festivals across the world:

1. The Copenhagen Fashion Festival

This festival, began in 2008 – with the intention of bringing together buyers, designers, enthusiasts, and those who are fond of a well stocked wardrobe on to one platform where they could interact, figure out the latest trends, statements, and fads while indulging themselves in a wide variety of events ranging from parties, competitions, fashion-shows! The Copenhagen Fashion Festival is an ever-engaging series of talks, exhibitions, sales, and the “Green Walk” – which is their effort to preach sustainable shopping among other things that might just give any goer great insight into the fashion industry that somehow maintains a symbiotic relationship with the environment that Copenhagen possesses.

2. The Perth Fashion Festival

Australia’s commitment to fashion is one to be reckoned with! Almost every major city in Australia has its own festival to showcase local talent on an international scale – however, the most happening festival on the Australian circuit is the Perth Fashion Festival. Having begun in 1999, in its 16th Year; the Perth Fashion Festival has a promising line-up of events, a repertoire of designers that may possibly be the best Australia has to offer. One of the main highlights of the Fashion Festival at Perth is definitely the event-list. Ranging cultural, fashion-centric, to even business-oriented; events at TPFF are sure to be an exciting experience!

While the fashion element is never underpinned, the talks, the series, and the exhibitions all focus on bringing fashion into various aspects of society, and vice versa.

3. Bermuda Fashion Festival

The Sherp assures you that you wont disappear upon entering the Bermuda Triangle – but, you might just want to stay there forever if you’re a lover of culture and fashion and a splendid, resplendent representation of both. Set in the city of Hamilton, the festival features theatrical performances, and hosts a masquerade ball for all the attendees – and for the adventerous kind, they even have a fashion scavenger hunt, and a ‘raft-up’. The one thing that makes the festival feature on our list, is their Gombey Pool Party, which showcases the best of Bermudas fashion and talent, and promises to be a whole lot of fun!

4. Cairo Fashion Festival

To save the best for last, we give you – The Cairo Fashion Festival, primarily aimed at promoting local talent, showcasing and celebrating the cultural diversity of Egypt, through its fashion – while placing all of the above, in a wonderful ribbon-wrapped package within the international fashion forum! The CFF could be the epitome of the statement ‘situating the local in the global’, not only in the fashion industry, but also in terms of musicians, artists, dancers, and more – who get to partake in the Festival’s events which try and bridge the economic, social and cultural aspects of the fashion industry with Egypt’s ever expanding society!

There you have it, the four most promising, eclectic, seemingly simple, yet highly intricate, inclusive, and breathtaking fashion festivals that are sure to give you, your wardrobe, and your optic-desires what they yearn for.


From: Maxfashionindia.com