I was in Puerto Rico when I received the message. Bermuda Fashion Festival was happening, and I was invited to participate as a model and explore the beautiful island and all it had to offer. I’d never been, and it wasn’t on current travel bucket list, but I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve always heard how beautiful the island was. The flight was less than three hours, the itinerary presented seemed eventful and adventurous. I was at the airport at 5:30 in the morning before I knew it.

Upon my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Danilee, Hamilton’s Event Project Manager, and her small team at the airport. I immediately noticed how important hospitality is to Bermudians. The drive from the airport to our guesthouse felt like I was floating through a vibrant tropical painting. The driver’s accent amused me, but the small roads terrified me at first. There were colorful flowers to complement the bright and cheery houses. And I got lost in the colors.

Front Street was where everything was happening. The most popular form of transportation were the small motorized bikes. I was immediately eager to jump at the back of one although I was scared to bits. I kept thinking about mom saying, “Paola! Gade tande…” She’s always finding new ways to tell me to be careful. She’s definitely not the adventurous type.

The first day, I met tons of beautiful, kind,  and welcoming individuals. I made friends with the international models who stayed in the guest house. We explored the small island, and attended all of the different activities we were scheduled to in addition to the fashion shows. I was thoroughly impressed by the production of the whole week, considering the festival’s newness.

I also spent a lot of personal time with myself. I read a book in the morning while having breakfast. It felt good to walk around barefoot. I used my collapsible hula hoop a lot by the pool and even brought to the boat party! I had fun photographing a few of the models I spent time with. Amina’s beautiful statuesque body and perfect dark skin created an impromptu shoot by the pool one morning after breakfast. We were soaking up the Bermudian sun, and our skin seemed to love it.

Stay tuned for more Bermudian fun in the sun!


From: Findingpaola.com