My experience in Bermuda was the best y’all. I’m still in shock that I’m back in Atlanta. I keep asking myself how I ended up back here. It really makes no sense. lol Anywho, onto the reason I was there in the first place, the Bermuda Fashion Fest! My first night, I went to the Local Designer Show. I missed the first half trying to get situated at the boat I was staying on, but more on that in another post. Once i finally got dressed, the Dockyard ferry was a quick 20 minutes to Hamilton. Haleloo the venue was right there as soon as i stepped off.

It was at Barr’s Bay Park & the backdrop of the boats & the water was so pretty! It was 6 local designers & at the end 3 were picked for great opportunities. The grand prize was a chance to show in the Harlem Fashion Row show during New York Fashion Week. 2nd prize was a job with Rachel Roy’s marketing department & another designer was chosen for an internship with Interview magazine. Dope, right?! The show was presented by fashion editor Shiona Turini & I loved that each designer was paired with major mentors from the fashion industry who flew in to help with their collections. They were so appreciative & truly grateful for the opportunity to showcase their dreams. Then to be rewarded for it….. I was inspired.
The next day I was able to meet the designers at the trunk show. I LOVED Madeline’s (pictured in the middle) swimwear line, NOVAH (@NovahSwimwear ). My favorite swimsuit was the Skyla because its a two piece in the front but a one piece in the back. Super Cute! She just thought of this line in October, then launched in April!
Another Standout was Meagan’s M-Sew line (@MSew91)  She’s from Bermuda too, but she’s based in London now to expand her line. I liked that her collection was inspired by Bermuda’s annual Cricket Match which is a big deal there. She was actually the winner to show during NYFW too!
Brittany’s line (@LOVEBOMB_INC ) was super cute. I wanted that dress in the middle so bad. The length & everything is so me.
I really connected with Courtney of the Grace (@Grace.Collection) label. This was her first collection. At such a young age she’s studied in Milan & I really liked her use of bright colors. I hope she expands to more accessories in the future.
I didn’t get to meet Alshante’ but I thought her line was dope. She incorporates art into all of her pieces.

I had no clue that Bermuda is only 22 miles long. These designers worked hard for months to get these collections together. I was so inspired because it put me in the mindset of what can happen when you continue to go after your dreams. Nothing should stop you.