Fashion designer Edmond Newton will tell of his personal and professional success when he visits Bermuda next month.

His talk will be combined with a Bermuda-inspired fashion show.

The American designer will also launch his “I AM” series, in which he explains his story of success after continual rejections.

Mr Newton auditioned for the popular television series Project Runway 13 times before tasting success.

The “I AM” series is the brainchild of Michelle Laylor, a local educator whose mission is “to inspire, enlighten, motivate and empower individuals to fuel their life through passion,” according to a press release.

Mr Newton will be the first presenter in the series, a semi-annual event involving different local and international presenters each time.

Motivational speaker and author, Shayna Duncan, will interview Mr Newton live in front of the audience.

The show will be presented by Bermuda Fashion Festival, taking place on Saturday, April 2 at 1.00pm at the Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall.