Top Model here for flying visit

Bermuda’s prizewinning model Deandra Brangman has paid a flying visit to the Island to meet with Tourism and pave the way for other local beauties to catch international attention.

The 21-year-old said she’s much in demand after taking first place at the UK’s Top Model Worldwide competition.

“Now that I’m the shining face of Bermuda, the talent scouts are going to figure there’s got to be more where I’ve come from,” she said.

Ms Brangman and her family met yesterday with Tourism Minister Patrice Minors and Tourism Director William Griffith to discuss a possible deal.

Now with a two-year contract to Top Model, Ms Brangman said that after featuring in Hamilton’s Four Season City Fashion Festival this July 16: “I plan on moving to London to build my profile, and then I’m going to take on the world.”

Ms Brangman’s ticket from the US was paid by Rosewood Tucker’s Point, which also provided accommodation. A reception on Sunday night at the hotel was attended by 235 well-wishers.

“I’ve had all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork, strangers recognising me even my brother Deon’s been getting hounded,” she said. “So many people have been trying to reach me that my friends say I’m going to need personal security.”

In fact, according to parents Raymond and Sandra Ming, security is to be provided under her Top Model contract.

“We’ve been very protective of Deandra,” said Mr Ming, saying that they have been “Deandra’s sole sponsors” until now.

“I’ve already had several individuals showing interest in Deandra’s modelling. One thing I want Bermuda to know is that she will need sponsors going forward.”

Top Model will be scouting in Bermuda for local talent during the July fashion show, as well as auditioning for more Bermudians faces, if the Island is chosen to launch Top Model Worldwide 2012.

For now, Ms Brangman said, Top Model will direct her career.

“I’ll be there in May to do more professional photo shoots and interviews, and build up the dimensions of my profile. Top Model will be advising me on the next steps to take.”

Her main interests, Ms Brangman said, are “high fashion designer clothing, designer jewellery and designer food”.

She said: “For any other girls looking into this, my best advice is to cut out smoking and drinking and keeping late hours. Try to eat healthy; even a little change goes a long way. Keep family oriented; they are your first support group. Just follow your dreams. I didn’t give up, just persevered.”