Top Model Worldwide Deandra Brangman to be featured in fashion show on Saturday

Models will strut their stuff on an elevated catwalk set across the fountains of City Hall this weekend.

The Bermuda Evolution Fashion Extravaganza will feature Bermudian Deandra Brangman, winner of the 2011 Top Model Worldwide competition.

Church Street will be blocked off for Saturday’s event, coordinated by the City of Hamilton and Top Model.

The catwalk is something not to be missed, said Danilee Trott, who coordinated the free event on behalf of City Hall.

“It is a 76-foot long runway and it goes out across the waterfall pond,” she said.

“It has a U-turn and it comes back. The street will be blocked off so people can view from City Hall right along Church Street so bring your own chair and come watch the show.

“It is a free fashion show. We have really worked with the retailers and salons. And it’s just before Cup Match so people can see that there is lots to offer with variety and style, and the prices are a lot more reasonable than people realise.

“So we are hoping to really encourage that with the show itself.”

The models involved range from “the up-and-coming [to] plus-sized models and veteran models who had previously hung up their heels”, Ms Trott added.

“We have some other Bermudian models, who are already signed in Paris and New York, who will also be in the show,” she said. “[And] we have more than 20 retailers, six salons, and we have the best of the best in as far as the technical crew.”

Dean Parris served as fashion coordinator and choreographer.

Explained Ms Trott: “He will be working with people who don’t have a lot of runway experience.

“He’ll be coaching and training them so that they look good come the day of the show.”

Not everyone involved looks like a typical model, Ms Trott said.

“You’ll find that many models have a very unusual look about them and when they are made up you might say, ‘there’s something odd about her’,” he said. “It might be the cheekbones, or the very wide eyes they start to throw on the shadows and all of a sudden their face pops.

“I tend to like working with people with an unusual look; I don’t like your typical ‘okay she’s gorgeous’. What you find is that with most industry-standard models there’s something odd or unusual about them.”

Saturday night’s event will be far from the average fashion show, Ms Trott said.

“This show is going to be theatrical. There will be themes and off-the-wall music and lighting that people are not going to expect.

“We are also going to have hair show scenes, so each of the salons are going to have wild and outrageous models that will just come out and do hair modelling.”

Top Model Worldwide is said to be delighted to support Bermuda Evolution Fashion Extravaganza.

“In addition to developing new international business links, we will be scouting throughout the trip and undertaking shoots in the hope of discovering the very best of Bermudian model talent,” said Geoff Cox.

“To also have the opportunity to launch our 2012 Top Model Worldwide search from the home of our current title holder, Deandra Brangman, is a huge honour and we look forward to working with our partners the City of Hamilton, Evian and Fairmont, in making the trip a huge success.”

Saturday’s entertainment begins with a fashion show for children at 7pm. A fashion village set up so that people can wonder around and shop, will open from 8.15pm to 9pm.

“At 9pm, just as the sun is setting, we are going to have the adult show,” Ms Trott said. “So it is a two-part show and it is going to be amazing.”