I spent a lot of my childhood traveling abroad with my father and mother, mainly to India, which exposed me to different ways of life that have influenced my career as a fashion designer. For this reason, I like to take my daughters to destinations that offer them the chance to expand the ways in which they view the world, be it through the people they meet or the things that they see.

During this trip, Ava, Tallulah, and I visited the Hamilton and St. George parishes of Bermuda—a warm, friendly, and polished island. At the same time, I was able to work with the annual local fashion festival, helping to mentor a group of young designers. It was a perfect adventure for the entire family, during which we explored the island’s many caves; met amazing people like photographer Meredith Andrews and fashion-stylist-slash-creative-director Shiona Turini; experienced the incredible local culture; and tasted the yummiest food by chef Marcus Samuelsson, who recently opened his namesake restaurant, Marcus’, at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. —As told to Katie James


From: Travelandleisure.com