Designs by Al

Alshante Foggo

Brand: Designs by Al

Mentored By: James DeMolet

Bermuda native Alshante Foggo started her career as an artist producing acrylic paintings on canvas inspired by the works of her mother, who is also an artist. Trading her canvas for cloth, Foggo extended her artistry into textile design and started meticulously hand painting one-of-a-kind pieces of apparel and accessories that have garnered appeal and press across Bermuda. The designer presented her debut collection at The City of Hamilton Fashion Festival, Local Designer Showcase in 2013 and presented her sophomore collection in 2014 under the new line ‘TropixAl,’ featuring traditional hand painted designs interpreted into prints. In 2015 her brand has fully developed with a local and international presence known as Designs by Alshante`. By extension, she has built excellent working relationships with clients. Through social networking, she has landed the opportunity to work with major icons who have heightened her budding career as an artist/designer tremendously. She also expressed this is just the beginning of her career as an artist and she looks forward to the upcoming collaborations she has planned for this year.