HAMEC Bermuda

Cary Butterfield & Patricia Borland

Brand: HAMEC Bermuda


Mentored By: Hannah Bibb

Immersed in Bermuda’s naturally tantalizing colours and patterns, Patricia and Cary couldn’t help but feel inspired to create their line of luxury resort wear.
But there’s much more to the story of HAMEC, you might even say fate was involved.
Cary and Patricia met as teenagers in boarding school. They fell into an easy friendship but later lost touch after school ended. In an almost divine twist of fate, Cary later married a Bermudian which led to a wonderful reunion with her first Bermudian friend, Patricia. Despite the many years out of touch, Patricia and Cary picked right up where they had left off, not missing a beat. They even unexpectedly had babies within mere weeks of each other – twice!
They’re both the creative types with design backgrounds, and in the occasional quiet moments amidst the demands of motherhood and everyday living they pursued their dreams of being designers.
In summer of 2016, their passion came to fruition with the launch of their first HAMEC collection.
The girls show the love they have for their families by naming the clothing line HAMEC after their children, Hunter Ava Mia Elle Cruz.
HAMEC colors and prints can best be described as offering “edgy foliage and vibrant prints” inspired by Cary and Patricia’s island lifestyle. Chasing their children along sun-kissed pink Bermuda beaches, boating on turquoise waters, and exploring the lush island with their families is what provides the creative fuel for HAMEC pieces in both design and function. The clothes are versatile in their equal abilities to be worn comfortably to the beach or dressed up for a night out. The silk cotton blend gives the breathability of cotton and the luxurious feel of silk.
HAMEC’s philosophy is to bring confidence and comfort to all women by bringing out their effortless style, believing in themselves and their natural beauty.