Lunar Soul

Chaela Perinchief

Brand: Lunar Soul

Mentored By: Nikki Ogunnaike

Chaela Perinchief is the founder and head designer for Lunar Soul Bda. She has been designing for a little over 10 years; graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in fashion design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After working in the industry as a pattern maker/design assistant for a manufacturing company, she decided to come back home to Bermuda and start her own brand. Lunar Soul Bda is a plus size brand that she created for teens and young adults to be able to have stylish statement pieces with an indie, alternative, bohemian aesthetic. Her goal is to create pieces that woman will love; want add to their personal style and boost their confidence. As Lunar Soul grows, she want to continue to push limits and change the way people view plus size clothing.