Street Lux

Charda Simons & Kimmisha Perinchief

Brand: Street Lux

Mentored By:

Kimmisha Perinchief and Charda Simons both grew up together as they are sisters. They both had a love
for fashion growing up is why the two will put their passions together for the Local Designers
Show. Charda and Kimmisha both have a background in all forms of art which they were exposed to at a
young age, both finding a passion for it.  Although having a love for art is a common thing between them
so is fashion, thus they have collaborated together to form Street Lux. Street Lux stands for Luxury
Street Wear.

This year they will be launching something different with Street Lux by producing a
children’s line called Little Lux. Being a successful participant of the 2018 Bermuda Fashion Festival has
pushed them to expand their brand and go the extra mile to provide luxury fashion for all ages and
genders. It is both of their styles and aesthetics combined together, with that they came up with a
sporty street style mixed with a color scheme suitable for kids that will be ready for any summer sports
event, partying or Sunday outing. With their collection they plan to attract both boys and girls and also
teens that will be exclusive and eye catching.