Street Lux

Charda Simons

Brand: Street Lux

Mentoring: Lisa Nicole Cloud

Charda Simons has always had a love for fashion growing up as her great grandfather owned a tailor shop and their grandmother grew up a seamstress. Charda majored in Fine Art and was exposed to all forms of art at a young age finding a passion for it. She will put both her passions together for the Local Designers Show. Bringing together her love for fine arts and fashion she has come up with “Street Lux”. Street Lux is an urban street wear brand, all about feeling comfortable, casual yet sexy at the same time. Street Lux is a representation of her own style and weekend wear. Her style is inspired by a combination of everyday looks spotted during her travels between London and New York. With that, she has come up with a sporty street style mixed with somewhat soft color scheme ready for any summer sports event, party or Sunday Funday. With her collection she plans to attract male and female, with wear for day and/or night.