Chineza Augustus

Brand: Sevuhn

Mentored By: Lisa Nicole Cloud

Chineza Augustus, is a true representation of creativity. She embodies the belief that you should put your all in what you love. This is proven through her numerous collections. Her aspirations besides being a great mother include one day being a well-known fashion designer.

Chineza’s collection was first modeled in the fashion show faceless, that took place in 2013. That was the beginning to many more fashion shows. Her accepting’s into the Bermuda Designer Mentor-ship Program 2019, only begun to pave the way for her for international exposure. With passion and persistence, she brings to you “Sevuhn” which represents “7” the number of perfections. The brand is inspired by the realness that bleeds through everything. Having the opportunity to design for America’s Next Top Model runner up Aminat Ayinde, only pushed her to create even more. Often, she says,” I want the world to see my vision, and someday, that vision will help others be inspired”.