Christine Jones

Brand: Thirty86

Mentored By: Melissa Leach

Made in Bermuda by two amazing Bermudians, Christine Jones was born June 30, 1986.

Christine has always been a bold and outspoken young woman. These qualities are also seen in her fashion sense. You will usually catch her sporting a statement neckpiece and bright lipstick. She turns every outfit into a fashion statement.

Christine’s creative characteristics were first put to work through graphic design. In 2011 she launched her business, CJ Designs, and offers consultant graphic design services. This background has proven to be an asset and foundation for her fashion design.

For all of Christine’s adult life she has been ‘plus sized’.  Finding clothes that not only compliment her body but also appeal to her age and sense of style, has often become a daunting task. So, a few years ago Christine took her fashion into her own hands. Literally! She started making sketches of outfits that she wished she could find. Then she bought a sewing machine and some fabric and started taking her vision off the page.

Christine is excited to launch her line of plus size fashion, Thirty86. Her aim is to give the plus sized Bermudian woman the freedom to express her style, creativity and beauty in as many ways as she desires.