Courtney Chiappa

Brand: Subtropic

Mentored By: Ken Laurence

Courtney Chiappa – Creator of Subtropic; a swimwear brand inspired by
Bermuda, it’s architectural pallet, natural environment and culture. Courtney
is a Nottingham Trent University graduate where she received a BA in Interior
With a long and ever growing passion for all aspects of design Courtney
started Subtropic in 2018 after graduating from NTU. Subtropic has been
a vision of Courtney’s for many years and she was finally able to bring it to
reality after finishing her university studies.
Architecture is one of her main inspirations which is heavily reflective in
the vibrant pallet of the Subtropic brand. Courtney’s interest in design has
developed from a very early age and is influenced by her life and creative
experiences. Creating designs that makes people feel something is what
drives Courtney, whether that’s creating an architectural space you enjoy
being in or a swimsuit that makes you feel good. The process of design is the
same no matter what form it’s in.