Dezir Designs

Desiree Riley

Brand: Dezir Designs

Mentored By: Michael Costello

The word ‘fashionista’ is definitely an understatement when it pertains to Desiree Riley. This enthused prodigy, from birth seemed to be destined for the fashion industry. As a child, her mother made sure that she and her sisters were well dressed where ever they went. Her love for fashion and design only grew stronger while studying fashion and textile design at the Berkeley Institute. It gave her the foundation she needed to bring her ideas to life. She often went to thrift stores for old clothes to take apart and use to create her own patterns and learn how to construct a garment. It was in 2015 when she decided to take design serious and created her own line ‘D’ezir’ which is a French derivative of desire. Her line reflects her style, which can be very eclectic; it’s all about self-expression.

D’ezir has landed the young designer outstanding opportunities as a designer, stylist and model.  She has had the privileged to travel to Atlanta twice to present her collections in the Pitch Black Fashion Week and Giva Style Fashion Show as well as numerous fashion shows on island. The styling and seamstress side of D’ezir has also opened up opportunities in the international fashion world as being the seamstress for Brides Magazine and Lilly Pulitzer, stylist assistant for Anne Cole Swimwear and Style Me Pretty, as well as working with international models, styling them in many of her garments. She has graced the runway for international designers, Stello and Michael Costello and local designers Catherine Quin, Amethyst and many others. She has traveled to England, New York and Atlanta for runway, photo and video shoots.

Model coaching and creative directing have also been another venture she thoroughly enjoys. “ I love to design. It keeps my mind going. It allows me to express who I am by what I wear. I also love everything to do with fashion. Seeing my clothes on the runway, styling and creating concepts for photo and video shoots makes me very happy. Fashion is my life and I’m eager to see how far it takes me.”