Jakai Franks

Brand: JRU


Mentored By: Matthew Henson

Born and raised in Bermuda, to full-time seamstress mother, it is only natural that Jakai Franks possess a passion for the arts and fashion for as long as he can remember. From always retaining the winning position in primary school art shows, competitions at the exhibition in middle school, and excelling in textile design classes; Jakai has always allowed his creative juices to be at the forefront of anything that he sets out to accomplish.

Fast forward to today, although Jakai is the Customer Care Director at Digicel Bermuda, when he is not making sure Digicel customers are satisfied on a daily basis, he enjoys to travel and shop, and would often refer to his hobbies as: “living for a living.” Through his debut collection, Jakai plans to entice the audience with a menswear collection displaying his creative genius through inspired looks manifesting the true ‘Beauty of Bermuda’.