James R. Lee

Brand: XoeTiqu

Mentored By: Ronald Burton III

XOETIQU the brand started back in 2012 with it’s first bottle cap beer tankini swimsuit inspired by Sports Illustrated’s Dos Equis bottle cap beer swimsuit by Letarte Seimwear for its 2002 issue. The XOETIQU brand soon expanded and did an entire line of Bootle cap beer swimwear and dresses that where featured on firetog blog and nirvana online magazine. In 2014/15 the brand took on sewing and and started launching locally at BSoA’s Fashion Collective and other local fashion shows and events. In 2015/16 the brand was invited to showcase at a Bridal show in Toronto there it showcased it’s “Bermuda Sand” inspired Collection. This opportunity lead to the brand being welcomed to feature a collection in Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week where it receive raving review for its vibrant blue colours inspired by are Bermuda aqua and teal waters entitled “Sirens and Leviathans”. Least year was the brands first time showcasing at Bermuda Fashion Festival with it’s “Sea Glass” inspired Collection and this year the brand plans to blow everyone away with it’s Five Year Anniversary Collection called “Threads of Fate”!