James R. Lee (2016)

Brand: XoeTiqu

Mentored By: Danielle Prescod

His passion for fashion sparked while obtaining his Associates Degree in Art & Design at Bermuda College. During his time at the college he was introduced to many influential individuals in the local fashion community such as Amon Butler, Lamont Robinson, Shiona Turini, Amir, Amethyst and Dean Williams to name a few. He has walked many runway shows locally for retailers and designers alike. Eventually he joined the Style Bermuda team as an intern. During this time he enjoyed the thrill of creating and directing editorial shoots making many connections with local photographers and makeup artists. In the summer of 2012 he stumbled across Sports Illustrated 2002 Dos Ekis Bottle Cap Swimsuit made by Letarte Swimwear and Sports Illustrated 2007 guitar-pick bikini designed by Susan Holmes Swimwear.

James soon took on the challenge of mastering this unique technique of punching holes and linking together hundreds of bottle caps to make these individually unique swimsuits. After launching his first collection of 5 bottle cap swimsuit designs in 2012 through Mike Jones Photography Blog he soon pushed harder to create an entire series of 30 bottle cap outfits some of which were featured at the Bermuda Society of Arts “Bermuda Fashion Collective” Fashion Show.

This past year he decided to take a few sewing courses through Community Education as he had no previous sewing skills and soon after released 3 mini collections. He hopes that his passion for reusing what would typically be considered useless garbage or junk will open the minds of individuals to see past the obvious and learn not to judge but rather to stay open minded to the endless possibilities life presents you with.