Juliana Gibbons

Born into and surrounded by the unique culture and stunning natural beauty of Bermuda on the 22nd of May, 1992, Juliana grew up fascinated with and enchanted by the sense of community and its connection to the beauty of the island. Following graduation from school in 2010, she came to New York City to pursue a degree in Photography at Parsons the New School for Design. After a year of studying photography, immersed into the energetic liveliness and eccentric diversity of the city, she shifted her design direction to Fashion Design, graduating 3 years later in May of 2014. Throughout time in NYC, studying, experiencing and engaging with the creative process of fashion, in all of its aspects, as well as fashion’s role in the culture of the world, as a method of expression by both those creating and wearing clothing. In 2013, she began work with an Icelandic and European Fashion group: LastaLLC and LastaShop.com, working to develop designs for production as well as exploring textile manipulation and design. Moving forward and building upon her thesis collection in partnership with other design professionals, she hopes to continue to refine her vision as an artist and a designer, as well as maintaining a constant source of inspiration derived from even the seemingly insignificant.