Lisa Nicole Collection

Lisa Nicole Cloud

Brand: Lisa Nicole Collection

Mentoring: Charda Simons


Lisa Nicole Cloud is a successful entrepreneur, author, business coach, motivator and now visionary for the Lisa Nicole Collection. Lisa’s mission in life is to help people identify their God Given talents so they can Do More, Be More, Achieve More and impact our community in a positive way. She is now expanding this philosophy into the world of fashion as she launches, “The Lisa Nicole Collection”, a chic, high fashion business couture clothing line for today’s successful business woman .. The sleek designs of The Lisa Nicole Collection exude the Power, Class, and Sophistication of today’s professional woman. The Lisa Nicole Collection was designed for women who desire to BE, FEEL and LOOK successful.

When you look good …you feel good and when you feel good you desire to do and be more. Success is a state of mind. Success is having a mindset of endless possibilities and pursuing your dreams with all your heart. Success is also in serving and inspiring others to know and believe in their own greatness. Success is living a fulfilled life and making a difference. It is with great privilege and honor that I give a portion of all sales from the Lisa Nicole Collection back to organizations that support and empower women and children? “Live Your Dreams …lt’s Possible.”