Michaela Lewis

Brand: M.Lewis

Mentored By: Kathryn Typaldos

At 6 years old I would doodle all over my homework and paint pictures. At that age I never knew there was such a strong relationship between art and fashion. Soon after I was drawing inspiration from my mother and grandmother who sew their own creations, a gene I must have inherited, and I began sketching mini collections as well as shoes and handbags. To this day, I always carry a sketchbook with me just in case I get inspired. I often find beauty in the most unexpected places, such as the bright coloured houses around the island, and the many alleys throughout the City of Hamilton. Another area where I received inspiration was working in a fashion boutique, styling mannequins for window displays and assisting and advising costumers with the fashion choice.

For me fashion design is not just making clothes and then selling it, it is also about the process and understanding my voice as a designer. ‘M. Lewis” is the name of my first summer spring, ready to wear collection. This Summer Spring 2016 Collection is inspired by classic Resort womenswear such as shirt dresses, wide leg trousers, and strapless jumpsuits. I envision the M. Lewis woman as a cross between Bianca Jagger, Sade Adu and Brigitte Bardot. Bianca Jagger has an impeccable sense of style, between her low-cut suits, oversized sunglasses and bowler hats; she has never worn a look that we don’t covet. Sade Adu brings out the urban denim in my collection; her style has always had an impact on me, with the denim on denim look with a red lip. I’ve always been drawn to French fashion icons, due to the fact that Paris fashion week is my favourite. Brigitte Bardot’s beauty is iconic, her signature cat eye, trademark blonde locks, a girly grin and womanly curves, which also adds to the woman of my collection. My style is a combination of chic and urban, I love wearing white button ups, denim on denim, long coats, booties, and a red lip. The concept behind my line is to add my own style to blend with the classic/sophisticated women’s fashion wear. The vision of “M. Lewis” Collection is high end luxury, with classic feminine silhouettes and consists of twelve looks.

The vibe of my collection draws from the 60s /70s through wide leg trousers to oversized collars, but renewed through my creativity by adding details on the upper chest with pockets, and neckline where I have created a certain uniform.