ieShun S.

Mo’Nique Stevens

Brand: ieShun S.

Mentored By: Nicole Chapoteau

Mo’Nique’s love for fashion started as a child, going to the Women’s Shop (currently known as Gibbons Company) with her mom and looking at the children’s sewing patterns, being by her mother’s side while she sewed patterned outfits for her and her siblings and structuring original pieces for production plays, African dance and church liturgical dances. During her early development, Mo’Nique quickly adopted the title of “the artist” in all aspects of art and design in all of her schools. Whenever she had free time she was sketching fashion designs.
In 2006 Mo’Nique briefly attended the Bermuda College, where she helped a friend coordinate model walks for Diamond Productions first fashion event. From there Mo’Nique set out to direct her own fashion production and after becoming a mother in 2008 and then 2009, she showcased her first event in 2010 under the company name “N.I.F.T.Y Entertainment” showcasing retail fashions. This was a big accomplishment for her as a fulltime working mother of two toddlers.
In 2012, Mo’Nique worked toward a bigger production featuring herself and all other young Bermudian Fashion Designers, it was during this time that she was given her first sewing machine by her mother. The production unfortunately did not take place but this did not deter her interest in fashion. She continued to make attempts to sew on her own with little help from her mother and after watching online tutorials, Mo’Nique discovered she had what it takes to sew her own designs. Since then she has sewn for herself and several clients while being a full time mother and Police Constable.
On June 10th 2017, Mo’Nique officially launched her fashion line “ieShun S.” and summer 2017 Collection “BLUSH” during her 30th Birthday Celebration. At present Mo’Nique is dedicated to pushing her design and sewing abilities as far as they can take her.