Rebecca Hanson

Brand: TABS

Mentored By: Matthew Henson

Bermuda is famous for a product that everyone has heard of: Bermuda Shorts. As a Bermudian, I wanted to reclaim Bermuda Shorts and show the world what they are really made of. I spoke to countless locals about what makes Bermuda Shorts unique and why they are proud to wear them. The research paid off and after over a year of pinning, poking and testing I had my first prototype. If you have ever been to Bermuda you will know that the colours there are unique. The sand is pink, the water a perfect turquoise. These colours are what inspired the rainbow of hues that are available in TABS. And, like the small exclusive island, each pair of shorts is limited edition. The lining of TABS is also unique. I wanted my customer to feel as though they were literally ‘stepping into summer.’ Fun Hawaiian prints and playful stripes are in every pair of TABS.