Rochelle Minors (2014)

Rochelle’s love for fashion all began on her bedroom floor, where as a child spent many hours drawing and designing clothes for her paper dolls, and dreaming of her own designer label “Rochelle Nicole” which is her first and middle name.
She developed her skills from 2D to 3D when she enrolled in sewing classes after school throughout middle and secondary school. Before leaving, the island to pursue her professional training, she attended The Bermuda College where she received an Associate Degree in Art and Design.   She left for London in 2011 and enrolled in a foundation diploma in West London College (WLC).  Rochelle’s creativity really began to blossom at WLC as she began creating Avante Garde type pieces using unconventional materials such as plastic, paper, and recycled fabrications. Her main inspiration derived from the works of Japanese designers, Miyake, Kawakubo and Yammamoto and a British designer, Matthew Williamson.  These creations led her to continue her studies at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester  (UCA) where in June 2014 she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design (first class honors).
During the three years of study at UCA she was able to develop strong technical skills mixed with her natural creativity, which has prepared her for a future career in the fashion industry.  She has interned with renowned textile designer Zandra Rhodes, as well as multi-national brand Mother of Pearl and an up and coming London Womenswear designer Lulu Liu in her first and second years of university.
Rochelle sees fashion as art, an expression of how she sees things transferred in the form of clothing, and as a result she attempts to incorporate nature and the built environment in her designs.  She was inspired by both Bermudian and European architecture, more specifically window shutters for her final collection; which was required for the completion of her degree.
Rochelle’s collection was selected out of 109 UCA students to be presented on the Catwalks at London Graduate Fashion week June 2014, which provides the best fashion design students in the UK an opportunity to present their year -end collections to famous designers and fashion houses, and the public, a great achievement and opportunity for budding designers.   She aspires to become an established and recognized designer someday in the future, and is inspired by designers Marni, Prada, and Holly Fulton, whose collections are sophisticated, quirky, bold, colorful, and luxurious.  She will always strive to incorporate their aesthetic approach, (ones unique style) for any piece or collection she will be creating in the future.
What’s next in this designer’s future?  She will realize one of her greatest dreams; which is to introduce to the world her own designer label, “Rochelle Nicole”.