Savanah Joeckel

Brand: Savanah Joeckel

There’s nothing like growing up in a small town. I was born in New York and moved to a small town in Washington State when I was three years old. I was always the imaginative, creative type. I loved writing and creating ideas for stories. I was introduced to modeling when I was fourteen. I started modeling in Seattle, the best city in the world, and through that I gained confidence and determination. When I was sixteen, I moved to the vast city of Las Vegas. The move drastically changed my life. I had to adjust the new lifestyle and social life in the “sinful” city. At first, it was difficult to make close friends and live by the Vegas lifestyle. It has made changes in me for better and for worse. My first year of college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, created a whole new life path. It taught me to grow independently, and to trust myself when it comes to difficult life situations. Now that I’m a senior in college, I have my goals set in place. I’m earning a degree in advertising, but only as a backup. My real dream in life is acting, which I found last semester. I took a film class and fell in love with it. I’ve made a few short films so far, and plan to progress in acting and do the best I can. Acting is what brings pure passion and value into my life, and is something I look forward to pursuing.