Shantia Seymour

Brand: House of Aiyanna

Mentored By: Emmanuel Ezugwu

Shantia Seymour is a journalist, junior stylist and the blogger behind She’s Dressed To A Ti.  Although fashion design isn’t her concentration, having a clothing line was always one of her lifelong goals. Making clothing for her dolls turned into interning for local fashion designers and publications as a teenager, which moulded the person she is today after years of hard work in both Bermuda and London. House of Aiyanna was created merely for self-expression and to pay homage to Bermuda’s history. The word Aiyanna means eternal blossom, forever growing which describes the beauty of life. The line is inspired by 70s, 80s, and 90s aesthetics, that were influential before she was even born, with a carefree island life feel. She prides herself in living by the motto “Style Over Trend”, urging others to express themselves in their own unique way and promotes women empowerment.