Taijhaun Hollis

Brand: Taijhaun Hollis Clothing

Mentored By: Adolfo Sanchez

Taijhaun Hollis is a 21-year-old model and freelance fashion designer who has been designing for four years; with a unique and different style he brings edge and creativity to anything he puts together. Taijhaun Hollis Clothing or THC for short was born during his first fashion show at the age of 16 through hard work and dedication he put on a show CedarBridge had never seen before. The name THC came about not only because it is his name but also the reason he had even became a designer. It is the clothing and items he makes are specifically designs that reflect his style. When Taijhaun sells a piece of his clothing he is selling himself and who he is through his designs. So, because of this instead of hiding behind a made-up name he wanted to give it his name so that everyone knows these designs are who he is as a person and as a designer.