The ride from Coco Reef to City Hall was short and sweet. Joey and I were headed to Bermuda Fashion Festival’s Hair and Beauty Show, a theatrical performance of dancers and fashion models featuring local salons and makeup artists. During the ride, I had an intense conversation with the taxi driver, an older, reserved gentleman whose tone reminded me of a British professor. We spoke briefly about the beauty of Bermuda and Haiti’s economic state. Right before I knew it, Thomas, one of the festival’s organizers was walking up to the car to take us backstage. We walked through the auditorium, past a dark curtain and made our way to the narrow stairs. I stepped into a world of giggles, glitter, feathers combined with fancy gowns, sequined dancing costumes, and excitement bouncing through every wall. 

The local models, most of whom I met last year were getting some finishing touches done, eager to hit the runway. Smiles filled the room as they admired their creative makeup and intricate hairstyles. The international models mingled with the crew and posed for selfies.

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood despite the pressures of preparing for such a big event. Right before the curtains opened, I made my way to the auditorium.  The show consisted of four themes produced Maybelline NY Bermuda, Nadz Beauty Salon, TK Hair, and Parfait Cosmetics. Models graced the runway in evening gowns by fashion designer, Adolpho Sanchez. Some received dramatic hair cuts, and got their bodies painted right on stage. Dancers kicked and leapt across the stage through the transitions of the different themes. The Beauty and Hair Show was display of how much talent and creativity the small island holds. While everything was exciting, sadly I can’t display everything, so I decided to share with you the highlights through my eyes and creativity.


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