Last year was adventurous. I was invited by Bermuda Fashion Festival to participate in their annual week-long fashion festivities this past July, and it was nothing short of amazing. I shared a guest house with models from Jamaica, California, and around the world. I mingled with international movie stars and fashion designers. I went on long walks by myself, and let the natural beauty lead my route.

It was one of the most peaceful time for me last year. In the morning, I drank coffee and broke my fast either outside, barefoot and eager to let the sun kiss my skin. Sometimes, I’d have my morning cereal in the intimate dining area while engaging in silly conversations with the other guests. We spent a week partying, enjoying the island and all of its beauties. The locals were extremely friendly. I would even go to say that they’re probably the friendliest people I’ve ever come across. The beaches were absolutely breathtaking. The sand was unreal. You can imagine how much I rolled in it. I brought my hula hoop for ultimate fun time by the water. But what made the trip even more special is that my fiance flew over just for 24 hours to experience it with me.

The organizers of Bermuda Fashion Festival were also delightful. They took great care of the large international group while making sure all of the major events were successful. From the time I landed, and having been welcomed by the Event Project Manager, Danilee herself, I knew that I’d be in good hands.


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